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Mouse Boy is a game where you will help this character to fight the invaders
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Mouse Boy is a game where you will help this character to fight the invaders.
Cheese Land has been invaded by strange creatures. Mouse Boy´s duty is to clean the whole place of the invaders, collecting coins and power-ups that will make it easier to achieve this quest. In order to complete a level, he will collect a given number of cheese slices. During the game, he can collect coins, that will increase the score, hearts, that will get him extra lives, or mice, that will result in more strength. The enemies (cave mouses, big mosquitoes, cats) can be killed by firing the gun that Mouse Boy has by using the space bar. Some surfaces are different. There are some zones covered with rubber, the bounces will send the mouse higher there. And there are some thorns that will decrease the life of our hero. There are several moving platforms in the game, that the player can use to move faster towards the end of each level. It is not necessary to collect all the coins, but it is mandatory to get the right number of cheese slices.

Briefly, Mouse Boy is a very fun game, very simple to use.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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